Məlahət Hacıyeva

Malahat Hajiyeva is an Azerbaijani counselling psychologist and career consultant who focused on Organizational Psychology as a field of practice.

Having practice from 2013 in the field of psychology, Hajiyeva gets experienced in different organizations as a trainer assistant, project manager, educational quality manager, branch director and deputy director. The projects she managed through her practice are mainly related to self-development consulting and training programs for career success, and also the private education sector in Azerbaijan.

Starting from 2015, Hajiyeva worked as counselling psychologist on the issues like decision making on job selection, coping with family pressure on career planning, discrimination or isolation issues in the close-society or personnel, determining personal role in life and other related topics. She is also practising as an organizational consultant on the private education centres in Azerbaijan since 2016. 

On her academic career, Malahat Hajiyeva got her bachelor degree in Educational Psychology at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (Azerbaijan, 2015). Having a gap period on her academic career by work experience on her job, she is a master degree student now in Organizational Psychology at Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania).  Hajiyeva is also a member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS).

Hajiyeva is currently living in Lithuania and is promoting professional psychology and science through her own blog and the other portals. She is providing online psychological counselling and consulting sessions to her clients in Azerbaijan and other countries.

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E.:   ms.malahathajiyeva@gmail.com

Vilnius, Lithuania


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