What we do:

  • We help people to come together with their like-minded colleagues;

  • We help organizations to find and engage their possible followers;

  • We help organizations to provoke their followers to initiate for the aim of the organization.

Why we do:

  • We believe, even the unbelievable summits of individual beliefs can be achieved by human organizations;

  • We believe, personalities must be discovered, not created or changed;

  • We believe the most long-lived organizations are those that achieved the initiative of its followers.

How we do:

  • We do catch the newest scientific methods and trends on organizational psychology and apply it directly to our work;

  • We are working on and practising methods to find the most relevant candidates for the long-term aimed organizations;

  • We are counselling and consulting individuals to define their role in life;

  • We are consulting organizations and individuals on the issues of our field of organizational psychology.


Tel.: (+370) 608 99 294

         (+994) 55 919 37 32

E.:  ms.malahathajiyeva@gmail.com

Vilnius, Lithuania

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Tel.: (+370) 608 99 294

         (+994) 55 919 37 32

E.:   ms.malahathajiyeva@gmail.com

Vilnius, Lithuania


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